Road Map

Jan 2021

Introduction of VOZ Coin

Feb 2021

Includes presale (started)

May 2021

VOZ Soft Launch Planned

June 2021

VOZ Soft Launch for Pre sale bookings

July 2021

Atomic Swap Transactions
Started with JDC

Aug 2021

Pre-Sale Started

Sep 2021

Growth Strategies included

Dec 2021

Participated with HYDRUS7 Blockchain Development

Feb 2022

Atomic Swap Testing

Apr 2022

VOZ Coin presale (completed)

May 2022

VOZ Coin Available on PancakeSwap

June 2022

Liquidity lock + PancakeSwap listing (completed)

July 2022

Listed on Catex & Bilaxy Exchanges

Aug 2022

Listed on KoinBazar Exchange

Oct 2022

VOZ Staking
Partnership with H7 Token (Epillo)

Nov 2022

Partnership with H7 Tokens (GNP Coin and Earth Coin)
+ launch Whitepaper Ver.: 1.0

Dec 2022

Swap Availability with H7 Tokens
(Epillo, JDC, GNP and Earth Coin)

Dec 2022

Focus on influencer marketing campaigns and Growth strategies to be included

Jan 2023

Launch of VOZ DeFi Platform

Mar 2023

VOZ will be Launched on HYDRUS7 Blockchain